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Life on the Powwow Trail

Spending summer on the powwow trail? Send us pics of life on the powwow trail & tell us what makes powwows a way of life. Win up to $75!

Last Month's Winners!

'Strengthen Our Nation'

1st position

I strengthen my nation by hosting a workshop for native youth to address Issues in our community and finding ways we can work to solve them.

1st position

Be proud of who you are. Show off your tribe! Show that native pride! Always remember where you came from and who you are and don't let anyone talk you down! YOU ARE A NATIVE AMERICAN! BE PROUD AND STAND TALL LIKE OUR FOREFATHERS DID BEFORE US! CARRY ... READ MORE »

1st position

I strengthen my nation by respecting my elders and staying drug and alcohol FREE!!!! Cause drugs are lame. -Douglas (Gros Ventre)